The College of the Wolf

3rd Degree Program

Graduation and Initiation Ceremony

Consecration of a High Priestess/High Priest

Graduation Materials

Have on hand the graduation certificate and the black cord for the graduate.

Raising the Circle

This rite should be performed on a Full Moon. The Elder being anointed as a High Priest/ess will serve in that capacity for this ceremony.

Cast the circle as usual.

The Great Rite

High Priest:

“Now we shall reveal a great mystery …”

Five-fold Kiss

The High Priest gives the High Priestess the Five-fold Kiss.

The High Priestess gives the High Priest the Five-fold Kiss.

High Priestess lies mid Circle, hips center Circle, head toward altar, arms and legs outstretched to form Pentagram. She should be absorbing, transforming and directing the powers being poured into her in order to manifest the Ancient, Sacred Powers being invoked.

High Priest covers her torso with veil, breasts to knees, and kneels between her legs, facing her, invoking the Ancient Altar:

High Priest:

“Assist me to erect the ancient altar

At which in days past all worshipped.

The Great Altar of all things -

For in old time woman was the altar

Thus was the altar made and placed.

We have been taught of old that

The sacred place was the point within the center -

And as the origin of all things we should adore it.

Whom we adore we also invoke:

O circle of stars

Whereof our father is but the younger brother

Marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space,

Before whom time is bewildered and understanding dark,

Not unto thee may we attain unless thy image be love.

Therefore by seed and root, by stem and bud,

By leaf and flower and fruit, do we invoke thee,

O Queen of Space, O jewel of light,

Continuous one of the heavens

Let it be ever thus, that men speak not of thee as one, but as none:

And let them not speak of thee at all, since thou art continuous.

For thou art the point of life without which we would not be,

And in this way truly are erected the holy twin pillars

In beauty and in strength were they erected

To the wonder and glory of all men.”

If the Great Rite is to be actual, the Maiden will open a doorway in the NE after the High Priest finishes the Ancient Altar invocation above and before he removes the veil.  She will escort the coven out of the room, for the privacy of the Holy couple, closing the door behind her.

High Priest removes the veil.

If it is a symbolic Great Rite, the High Priest helps the High Priestess to rise and kneel before him. The Maiden brings him the filled chalice, which he will hand to the High Priestess and she will hold before her. The Maiden then hands him his athame which he holds point up over chalice, while the High Priestess begins the blessing with authority.

After she has said her portion, with great reverence he addresses her, and anoints her with his tender kiss at the appropriate time. After the kiss, he returns to the same position, only his athame is now point down, but not into the liquid yet, and continues the blessing, longingly, lovingly, etc. Just before he indicates the Lance and the Grail uniting, he will lower his blade while she raises the chalice up to receive the blade, then he will finish his portion of this blessing. He holds his athame inside the chalice of liquid while she seals the blessing.

After the blessing is done, he will remove his athame and hand it to the Maiden to place upon the altar (or go get the Maiden to return the coven to circle; the Maiden will bring him the chalice once all have entered and the rite continues as noted), place his hands around the High Priestess', kiss her, give her to drink, she will kiss him, give him to drink, she will then remove her hands from beneath his while he holds on to the chalice, he will then kiss the Maiden, give her to drink, she will take the chalice and will then pour the libation, then she will start the chalice around the circle and it will be passed around in like (kiss, drink) fashion, female/male until all have partaken. The Maiden will see to it that the chalice makes it back to the altar when all have finished.

The Chalice Blessing

High Priestess:

“By joining the chalice and blade

We honor the continuation of life

The union of the goddess and her horned god lover.”

High Priest:

“Altar of mysteries manifold

The sacred circle's secret point

Thus do I sign thee as of old

With kisses of my lips anoint.”

(High Priest kisses High Priestess)

“Open for me the secret way

The pathway of intelligence

Beyond the gates of night and day

Beyond the gates of time and sense

Behold the mystery aright

The five points of fellowship.”


“Here where the lance and the grail unite

And feet and knees and breast and lip.”

High Priestess:

“The wisdom of the ages mingles with the experience of life

For the benefit of us all.”

For a new High Priestess, the High Priest kisses the High Priestess in the Sigil of the Third Degree. For a new High Priest, the High Priestess kisses the High Priest in the Sigil of the Third Degree.

The kisses:


Right foot

Left knee

Right knee

Left foot



Left breast

Right breast


The High Priestess and High Priest stand together facing each other with feet touching and bodies together:

High Priest:

“Make open the path of intelligence between us

For these truly are the Five Points of Fellowship -

Foot to foot,

Knee to knee,

Lance to Grail,

Breast to breast,

Lips to lips.

By the great and holy name Cernunnos;

In the name of Aradia;

Encourage our hearts,

Let the light crystallize itself in our blood,

Fulfilling of us resurrection.

For there is no part of us that is not of the Gods.”

High Priestess and High Priest kiss.

The Proclamation

High Priest/ess

“As a token of your accomplishment and dedication to the Goddess and God, receive this cord confirming and demonstrating your achievement as a High Priest/ess of the Wicca.”

The High Priest/ess ties the black cord around the waist.

High Priest/ess

“Hear ye, Lady of Life and Lord of Death! Hear ye, Lords of the Powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth! In this place and by your will the thrice consecrated High Priest/ess, <<High Priest/ess’ Craft name>>, salutes you!”

The new High Priest/ess salutes.

Close the circle.

Post Ritual

After the Ceremony, the High Priest/ess gives the diploma from the College of the Wolf to the High Priest/ess.